Help Save their Home

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Save a home "twindaddy"

Save a home

For those who haven’t seen a post in this regard before, I’m trying to raise funds to help a fellow blogger Merry over here  save her home.

Do to illness that is beyond her control, she and her family are about to lose their home. In the grande scheme of things, they need very little to save it.

I’ve set up a fundraiser and thankfully many have responded. In fact it’s been an incredible response, and we are very grateful. We however have not reached the amount we need to in order for them to keep their home, and time is running out.

If anyone is able and wants to donate. No amount is too small. We also need people to blog, reblog, Tweet, and generally use social media to the max.

This is not meant to make anyone feel bad. It’s just an opportunity…

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