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Role of Religion in Federal Prison: Rehabilitation or Recidivism?


Today I heard on the news(CBC radio) they are going to cut all funding for federal prison’s chaplains of various

Symbol of the major religions of the world: Ju...

Symbol of the major religions of the world: Judaism, Christianity, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

traditions-EXCEPT for Christianity. This is taking place in Canada. We are not all Christian in this country, including those inmates in prison. Why is our government taking away inmates’ opportunity to develop their faith-unless of course they’re Christians. Apparently there’s a lot of Islamic and some Jewish and Buddhists in the prison. Now they will not have the ability to see someone representing their religious tradition for counselling.

Chaplaincy provides a rehabilitative component to the inmates and reduces recidivism when they get out. Why is government being so foolish cutting a relatively inexpensive service simply to save a bit of money in the here and now, ignoring the huge cost in the future when the inmate re-offends and has to be sent back to prison? It costs far more to house an inmate than it does to keep up chaplain services. I am so irate over this. This is just another example of why our stupid Conservative government SUCKS! D*mn you PM Harper!

Ever since Stephen Harper decided to go American and get ‘tough on crime’ he’s been making the stupidest decisions. As you can tell I do not support the Conservative party of Canada! He is investing loads of money building new prisons and renovating others only to cut the services that help inmates keep from re-offending. I just don’t understand that kind of logic. How does spending oodles of money on making bigger prisons help cut crime? If a lot of the rehabilitation services are being cut then we will need bigger prisons!

English: Stephen Harper, despotic ruler of Can...

English: Stephen Harper, despotic ruler of Canada and Borg Centurion, assimilating resistors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you think it makes sense logically to cut services that help to rehabilitate inmates so there is more money for larger prisons? Canada, what has happened to your compassion? Didn’t we used to have some at one time? It’s been so long now since we’ve had Harper in office I have trouble recalling kinder times. As you can tell I am seriously frustrated by this news (cutting chaplains from all traditions except for Christian).

Addendum: Apparently the Harper government is cutting chaplains in prisons NOT to save money BUT-get this folks-TO BE FAIR! WTF? How is cutting out all prison chaplains of all traditions besides Christianity FAIR!? Someone please help me understand this line of logic. Supposedly the Christian chaplains will now be available to every faith which somehow makes the cuts fairer to inmates. OMG! Am I in the Twilight Zone or what here? How will Christian chaplains be able to administer appropriate counselling to inmates with religious backgrounds they have not studied? I am at a loss to understand this colossal move of stupidity.

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Author: Natalya

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6 thoughts on “Role of Religion in Federal Prison: Rehabilitation or Recidivism?

  1. I am Christian, at least nominally and I know that the Anglican Church will NOT support Harper. He is sowing dissent among the inmates and chaplains – force one against the other in the name of saving money. I recall Vic Toews, a couple of weeks ago said no way to a Wicca priestess – that is simply wrong headed. (since when is nature a harmful essence). Now the Sikhs, Muslims, Buddhists and Jewish people get the boot – along with the folks that have Native Spirituality. It is prejudice on the part of our government. I can see some missionary minded sects of Christianity standing up an applauding this new mission field of dispossessed inmates, but they are the sad minority. We need separation of church and state so much in this country. If Harper had his way, we would all be evangelical Christians (as he is).

  2. I voted for Layton ❤

    I'm getting worried for those of my friends who smoke pot or are in a minority group since Harper doesn't seem to care about the social issues that put someone in a place to commit a crime or just get into the system…

  3. To be fair? Fair to who? That is so ridiculous and completely unfair. It sounds like Harper has forgotten that prisoners are human too. Shame on them.

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