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26 Dead in an Elementary School Shooting


A horrible, tragic event happened yesterday in the United States. In Connecticut a young man gunned down 20 children between the ages of 5-10 and six adults, including the gun man himself. To me it seems such a senseless act of terror against innocent people. The media has yet to release any info on WHY the man shot the children and adults-including his own mother, so I am simply baffled. I don’t know how or why someone can do such a thing but I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest the young man had some serious issues that never got resolved. My condolences to the family and friends of those who were murdered yesterday.

26 Dead in an Elementary School Shooting (U.S.)


Author: Natalya

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16 thoughts on “26 Dead in an Elementary School Shooting

  1. Yes, it’s awful, isn’t it? Obviously the man was seriously mentally ill. My prayers go out to all the families of the lost.

    • It sure is 😦 The man must have had some kind of paranoia or delusions or something of that nature. Not sure how else someone could do such a thing. I just don’t understand why he’d kill the little kids for…:( (or the adults for that matter).

      • Apparently he was angry at his mother for some reason, and most likely the children represented her in some way. If she used to teach there and he felt that she gave them more attention than he received, that might have caused his response. Clearly there was some major damage there, one way or another.

      • Oh! Okay, I didn’t know that. You’re probably right then. Either way it’s tragic.

      • Yes, at this point it appears that he killed his mother first, and she was evidently a teacher’s aide or something at the school in the past. So it looks like there may be some causative factor there.

        I agree it seems just unthinkable, though, so it goes to show how very disturbed he must have been. People just go off their rocker sometimes, and it seems to happen an undue amount in this country. I don’t think gun control is to blame, so much as a lack of substance and true loving connection in our relationships in this modern age. I hope that this will improve over time.

      • Hmm, your explanation makes sense. It’s a shame people are so focused on rugged individualism over community. Is it too much to ask that people think of somebody besides themselves? I mean we can be individuals but we have to remember humans are social creatures and need some type of community and fellowship. Now I’m starting to sound like I’m promoting religion but I’m not.

        I’d just like to see more people connecting and appreciating we’re humans first and foremost-not machines made to be ultra productive or very competitive.

        Too bad the guy shot himself or else one could ask him why he shot the children and adults he did. Still, your theory seems quite plausible so I’ll just wait to hear what comes out in the news.

      • I agree. People need closeness, affection, support, and human connection from birth onward in order to really thrive. Hopefully the family will be able to give some insight into why this may have happened.

  2. He was personality disordered, probably of the paranoid type. His mother bought him the guns, he could not get them. Gun control and some common sense would have made a difference in this case. NO automatic weapons of any sort. Period.

  3. Not having my TV on for a couple of days I have only just heard about this from other blogs. Looking at the US from an Englishman in Spain’s point of view there are so much pressure being put on individuals, social and economic, added to by violent video games, drugs and the gun culture. It doesn’t take much more to make someone go crazy. Children are easy targets and my heart goes out to the families who now will have unopened presents under their Christmas tree. Unless the Americans stand up and say NO to their government for allowing violence on all levels this may not be the last incident we will hear about. So sad. Ralph x

    • Yes, it’s very sad Ralph. The Americans have guns written into their Constitution so it’s hard to challenge. Those who have tried in the past have hit brick walls b/c people remind gov.’t they have the “right” to bare arms-it says so in their country’s Constitution. So it’s difficult to change things.

      • The Constitution and amendments are becoming a joke as this government and previous have hacked them to pieces with new laws and amendments so as to create a dictatorship. Maybe they are happy that people can carry weapons and go crazy, so as to militarise the police and army for total control over the nation. I think that we will soon know one way or the other.

      • Well the military is quite the source of pride in the U.S. so I’m not touching that one with a 10 foot pole! I prefer to be diplomatic on these things as an outsider (Canadian). You never know though, maybe they’ll decide they’ve had enough violence and will re-write the constitution!

      • Maybe so. We’ll leave it there then. Have a great weekend. Ralph x

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