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2013 Is Around The Corner But All We Have is Now


Happy New Year to all Friends !

Happy New Year to all Friends ! (Photo credit: Viola & Cats =^..^= HAPPY HOLIDAY !)

Okay, so maybe not my most pithy of titles but I was thinking about how tomorrow (for the Western world) it will be 2013. A new month and a new year where lots of us attempt to do things better than we did last year. But why? Why wait until it’s a new year to change? How many of us are able to say we will be around next year with 100% certainty? None! We HOPE we will be around (unless we’re suicidal) but we don’t KNOW we will be. Therefore, why not be better RIGHT NOW? Whenever you think about how you could be better or do things differently, why wait for an arbitrary time? All we have is this exact moment in which we are existing. I say, what better time than now to make changes? If you wish to embark on a healthier diet or exercise more, quit smoking, be kinder, whatever, then do so as the desire enters your mind. You may not have infinite tomorrows (in this lifetime).

Of course I am a terrible hypocrite because I do nothing but dream and think about what I will do tomorrow! That is the

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

nature of my mind. It provides me with tonnes of insights and wisdom but I’m as foolish as ever because I don’t follow through with what I know. But this year(2013) I have decided to be different. I have decided I am going to ACT on my insights and use my wisdom. There are lots of things I know but have great difficulty putting into practice. Many things enter my mind and I question their validity or accuracy. How can I know something simply because of a thought I’ve had? It is enough to make me question my sanity regularly. What sort of person throws their rational mind aside in favour of their intuitions? This is such a struggle for me. I have a thought in my head from who knows where and I’m supposed to not doubt it? My whole life I had this but awareness of it didn’t really strike until my adult years. Now at 30 I am beginning to trust my instincts are superior to my rational mind. But it makes me feel fear too b/c I know this isn’t how most people operate.

Artist: Nom Kinnear King.

Artist: Nom Kinnear King.

Just to be perfectly clear, I don’t consider myself psychic but I am highly intuitive and experience odd occurrences. The trick is to figure out what is fanciful thinking on my part and what is actually valuable knowledge? How do I remain sane and not totally question everything I “know”? The worst part is I have learned through my formal education that it’s important to investigate things, find out more about it, and so on. Yet, when I have intuitive knowledge I can’t ask someone to clarify b/c it’s inside my head! By now I feel I must sound bonkers to a lot of you. This is likely why my confidence has been poor in the past. I’ve trusted my intuition but have been unable to always verbalize it (comprehensively) so I sound like I haven’t lost my sanity.

Anyway, back to my original point-sort of. I am going to try worrying less over what

Artist: Nom Kinnear King

Artist: Nom Kinnear King

people think about me and if I sound nuts or not. I’m going to take more action so I am not merely filled with possibilities but actual results. It’s not about achieving anything spectacular. Those aspirations have left but I still want to follow my bliss wherever it may lead me. If I were in a different time and place I might like to be a wandering ascetic but, this being Canada in 2013, somehow I doubt that would work!

Where do your insights come from? Do you think the only trustworthy knowledge is from a book, authority, or even experience? Or are you like me and believe the only trustworthy knowledge comes from inside you?

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Author: Natalya

Blogging my thoughts and feelings about mostly mental health, meditation and spirituality(non religious). Hoping to connect with other interesting people in the blogosphere. *The name is Russian and is my pseudonym.

16 thoughts on “2013 Is Around The Corner But All We Have is Now

  1. I think that even the top-most experts in the most sophisticated sciences would still claim that the most trust-worthy knowledge comes from within.

    To a large extent “experts” are just there to provide you with a sense of confidence when you’re attempting to discern and believe in that which you already know to be true.

  2. Wicked photo’s:) Happy New Year! may all your dreams come true and more! …..Paula x

  3. Well most people believe in their feelings and their emotions, but when they explain their actions they use a rational explanation. We don’t admit how much emotions sway us. And there are many who are intuitive, actually those who are intuitive believe that everyone are, but are often blocked or shut down. It sounds you are ready to listen more carefully. The more that you listen and act on intuition, the louder and stronger the inner voice of intuition becomes. Been there, done that. Sounds like a very worthy goal to me.

    Happiness to you in the new year.


    • Thanks Kate. I think people who are thinking dominant(as opposed to feeling dominant) are less inclined to believe in their feelings/emotions. But feeling dominant people do tend to trust their emotions more. You’re right though, we do get information from our emotions but it often requires a bit of interpreting; whereas intuition, in my opinion, comes through already “translated”-no interpretation necessary.

      From Myers-Briggs numbers sensing types dominate at 80% of the population, whilst intuitive types are 20% of the population. If these numbers are correct it explains why I usually feel “out of step” with society. I think we all have the capacity to exercise our intuition like we all can sing-just some of us are better at it than others! LOL

      I do exercise my intuition a lot it’s just on some things it seems a bit ‘out there’ so I don’t feel comfortable asserting what I know. I’m afraid people will think I’m loony b/c I’ve already been mentally ill. Thus, people are quicker to think it’s delusion or fantasy/escape from reality, etc. instead of viable knowledge.

      • Hi,

        I don’t think that you have to express your intuition to others in order for it to be validated. On Myers Briggs I am intuitive and my particular classification is only 6% of the population. However I was blocked for years and slowly was able to become unblocked. I don’t share with people that I don’t feel safe with. And those who make me feel safe are usually those who are intuitive themselves.

        Good and healing thoughts to you.


      • Thank you Kate. I guess you’re right I just worry unnecessarily at times! Happy New Year! πŸ˜€

        P.S.: I had trouble identifying my Myers Briggs type until I became healthier and not so fragmented a couple of yrs ago. Before that it could really be 4 different ones and I’d be convinced they were me (at different times). This added to that feeling I have of obsessing over my sanity! Now I’m pretty much consistent every time I do a personality test.

      • I think it is good to be cautious around others who might be mean, invalidate or mistreat disclosures. This is all a sort of learn as you go process. You aren’t loony for being intuitive, but there are those who might think so of anyone who is intuitive. So it is okay to be cautious and protective of yourself. It’s okay to share with those who prove that they are trustworthy and on that issue it is always tough and takes time to build trust. Good and healing thoughts to you.

      • Thanks Kate! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a good day.

  4. i think i’m a bit like you and trust my intuition but there have been instances where my internal GPS has gone on overdrive! πŸ™‚ happy new year!

  5. Ha ha, well, you know I trust my intuition! I highly recommend it, in fact, and I’m an INTJ, which is quite the rational type, despite being intuitive. But I’ve just seen it work too many times not to believe in it.

    I’m glad you’re paying attention to yours too – it will serve you much better in the long run than listening to anyone’s opinion of it. Go for it! πŸ™‚

    • LOL, thanks Jenny. I do listen to my intuition I just tend to feel crazy for it as I have no “proof” if anyone asks about it. Like, if I think or do something based on my intuition, as is usually the case for me, I fear people questioning me…and subsequently my sanity. It all goes back to a fear of being crazy I suppose 😦

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