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Tired All The Time?


What can I say, being chronically tired sucks! After reading another blogger’s post about her fatigue and various other

Cute pic of sleeping dog and cat.

Cute pic of sleeping dog and cat.

health issues, I thought we might have something in common (besides PTSD). Adrenal fatigue. Apparently millions of Americans and Canadians (as well as other nationalities) suffer with Adrenal fatigue. It’s under diagnosed though because doctors prefer to wait until they can order a test and get clear results. My previous post had a link to what Adrenal fatigue is so I won’t include anything here.

The reason why I think Adrenal fatigue may be my problem is I am low on energy, tired a lot despite sleeping 8-10 (sometimes longer) hours. It doesn’t matter if I am doing very little or not because I am still tired. In 2007 my mother was diagnosed with Early on-set Alzheimer’s disease. In 2008 she died. Then my grandfather died the following year just 5 months later. In 2009 my social work education fell to pieces and I relapsed into my eating disorder. 2010 I quit my job, was not going to graduate from my degree and began recovering from my ED the same year. Quitting my job was great and I have no regrets. Deciding not to finish my social work degree didn’t hurt me apart from the flack I received from other well-meaning people. It was a relief to not have to be immersed in social justice issues and be stressed about where I’d work since I didn’t like any options available to me. To be frank, I was happy to be away from it. I’d entered social work school to start with because I didn’t know what else I could do with my Bachelor of Arts. In retrospect I should have known it would never have worked out for me due to my own issues and lack of desire for talking with lots of people (unless you’re referring to intellectual subject matter, in which case I enjoy that!).

Sleeping child with her fur friends.

Sleeping child with her fur friends.

So after my stresses beginning in 2007-2010, I can look at it and see how I could have stressed my adrenal glands. After 2010 my life got better but I was exhausted ALL THE TIME. Looking for a job was tiring and stressful but I tried not to let it get to me. In general my approach worked because I had my anxiety under control much better than the previous year. But 2011 and 2012 were still stressful because I worried about finding a job with the concern it was impossible due to my unrelenting fatigue. Sleeping was what I wanted to do most of all! I had to give up my seat in the Masters of Library and Information Studies, even after the maximum 1 yr deferral(due to lack of money for tuition), so felt unhappy and worried. The past couple of years have been stressful even though I’ve not done a heck of a lot (objectively to an outsider). Adrenal fatigue lowers your capacity for dealing with stress, thus it’s easier-takes less, to make me feel pressured.

Shame is probably the biggest thing I have to deal with, that and not enough self-compassion. Family and friends ask me

Artist: Nom Kinnear King.

Artist: Nom Kinnear King.

how my job search is going or if I’ve got a job yet, all I want to do is let them know what is easy for them isn’t for me. I seem to be taking eons to some who know me but it’s not because I am a lazy b*tch with a Diva complex! Quite the opposite, I’m using the energy I have to look for work that I know I can handle. Being exhausted a lot narrows my options drastically. But how do I show family and friends all of this? It’s not possible. They can only look and, likely, think I’m sitting on my butt too much! To be fair, sometimes I think this as well. This only compounds things making me feel worse about myself though. I’m seriously lucky to be living with my Dad who doesn’t demand I pay bills/rent. At the same time I feel guilty about it because lots of people think you’re a “failure” if you’re still living at home at 30. But I have tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt from university. It’s expensive to move out and my student loan monthly payments would have to be dropped substantially meaning years more of interest on top of the principal.

Anyway, I think I’m loosing track of my thoughts so will wrap up here. I’m sorry for whining but I needed to vent!

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Author: Natalya

Blogging my thoughts and feelings about mostly mental health, meditation and spirituality(non religious). Hoping to connect with other interesting people in the blogosphere. *The name is Russian and is my pseudonym.

15 thoughts on “Tired All The Time?

  1. Life is hard enough beautiful soul so don’t add more burden to your life with negative thoughts. The world and people do enough if that. Don’t you worry about what others think, even your own family. Tell them you love them and you are always looking. Smile and hug them. Just shine to the best of your ability because the universe is indeed conspiring on your dreams behalf…so just don’t stop dreaming. Much love – Sheri

  2. Hmm, just being practical here, but do you take Vitamin D? Like, a lot of it? I had my levels checked at some point and they were abysmally low, as they are for many people. So now I take at leas 2000 IU daily. Low Vitamin D levels can contribute to fatigue, as can lack of exercise and excess carb consumption.

    I also heard recently that niacin can help relieve depression and anxiety, when taken in higher doses. These are all things you might want to read about, because some of them have helped me immensely (particularly reducing my carbs and sugars, as you know).

    Dietary interventions can often be far more effective than pharmaceutical ones, so you might want to investigate that a bit. A few simple tweaks nutritionally, and you might feel like a whole different person.

    • Thanks Jenny. I’ll definitely give the vitamin D a try, as I’ve taken it before but didn’t get another bottle after my last one ran out a year ago or more. How much Niacin are you talking about?
      Yeah, I know exercise and diet help too but even when I exercise and am not eating lots of carbs I’m tired. It’s worst in the winter though.

      • Well, that might be a sign of a vitamin D deficiency, when there’s less light, so try that first. That’s easy. Take like, 5000 IU a day and see if that helps. Not sure about the niacin – they were talking about really high doses, but I’m not sure you should mess with that on your own. You might try a good supplement, though, and see what that does.

      • Wow, 5000 IU of vitamin D? That’s 5X what I was taking before. There’s 800 IU in my muti-vitamin I take now. Niacin is a B vitamin so I suppose it would be a lot less than the vitamin D, like 200 mg maybe? I don’t like the thought of taking too much and becoming toxic!

      • I was actually watching a movie the other day (which is where I heard this stuff), which said that although hundreds of thousands of people die every year from drug interactions, there is almost no evidence that anyone has actually died from taking too many vitamins.

        Of course you don’t want to be nuts about it, but 5000 IU of vitamin D is perfectly fine, and the 400 that they recommend as the daily amount is only enough to avert rickets. This is true of most vitamins – the recommended dosage is only designed to stave off a particular disease, not to provide any great benefit.

        But please do your own reading on the subject online, as I’m sure you could easily find quite a bit of information about it, and come to your own conclusions. is a good resource on such issues. I certainly wouldn’t want you to substitute my judgment for yours, since I am neither a doctor nor an expert.

      • Thanks Jenny! Sorry for my late reply. You ended up in my SPAM folder! 😦

  3. Hi, niacin, be careful with it, it naturally increases blood flow and can cause a every flushed sensation, but, that not my purpose here. Your father loves you I assume, no rent is great!! While have the liberties in your life you have utilized them. Maybe I’m weird but I’ve told both my kids they can live at home as long as the I’m just a big kid at heart. Be well,

    • Aw, thanks Benjamin πŸ™‚ Yes, I’ll be careful with the niacin! Haha, my dad said I could live at home forever too! lol But I’m hoping that won’t be the case and I’ll be able to actually afford living on my own at some point! (preferably before I’m totally gray and wrinkled! LOL) πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi! *waving* my sister has Lupus and is turning 52 this year. She seems to be getting more tired as the years go by. Her partner has an engineering business, so she’s lucky she can just say, I can’t come in today! She hates people constantly telling her why they think she’s so tired! People are ignorant to things they don’t understand, or care to find out about. My son is turning 21 and went to an expensive private school. After he finished year 12, he took a gap year and went to London. He had suffered with Post Glandular Fever/ Chronic Fatique Syndrome! So, I thought the break was a great idea. Well he’s worked on and off since then and chose NOT to go to Uni. My husband gets upset, but I know he’s feeling down about how things have turned out and I don’t need to put extra stress on him! Like you, I believe everything works itself out in the end. Sorry for the essay answer! Lol …. Just don’t want you to feel alone in how your feeling. πŸ™‚ ……… Hugs Paula xxx

    • Thanks Paula! I appreciate your kindness πŸ™‚ I’m sorry your sister and son have illnesses making them tired a lot too. It’s quite difficult when it’s not obvious you’re ill either. I look reasonably healthy so that tends to make people think I’m just complaining. Thanks for your response and I hope you are having a good day πŸ˜€

  5. Sometimes I wish I could just say to hell with what others think! I know it’ so hard. It’s none of their business and they’re not in your shoes. Do whatever you need to do to take care of you xo

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