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Dang Sinuses!


My ear is paining me today because of my stupid sinuses being congested. I hate my


Deutsch: Jalaneti

Deutsch: Jalaneti (Photo credit: Wikipedia) The Neti Pot


sinuses! They are the bane of my existence many days. I wish I could vacuum them out and not have anything left to irritate me. Yes, I have a Neti Pot but it feels really weird and I don’t always manage to tolerate all the saline going through my sinus cavities for it to work fully. Also, I don’t use it regularly like I should because I find it to be too much effort getting the distilled water the proper temperature and my ‘salt’ (not table!) concentration right. I’ve got individual packets of the salt to use for the nasal wash but it says use two packets, which I do, but then because I’m not very good at doing it the saline ends up in my mouth more than anywhere else. It’s just a process I find awkward. I’ve considered buying a nasal spray but they don’t clean your sinuses out just the nostrils.


All right, I’m done my complaining for the day. Just had to get that off my chest!


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Author: Natalya

Blogging my thoughts and feelings about mostly mental health, meditation and spirituality(non religious). Hoping to connect with other interesting people in the blogosphere. *The name is Russian and is my pseudonym.

16 thoughts on “Dang Sinuses!

  1. Oh you poor thing! My husband gets it quite a bit and it’s awful! Night..its !.22am LOl Word Press is sooo addictive! Chow Paula xx

  2. Um gross, lol I’m sorry your not well dear. I’m sure everyone has something to say but it sounds like you get these a bit so you already know the be course if action for you. So I will offer πŸ˜€ smiles and (((((Hugs)))) I’d bring you tea but a lass would be cold by the time I arrived. Maybe next life. Hang tough, rest,read, write and enjoy as much if the day as you can.
    Much love and light.

  3. Hope you get well soon. My daughter has the worst sinus infections. Painful. Sorry poor you…

  4. Ah, that’s never fun.

    I don’t use my neti pot like I should either. When my sinuses are bad, it HURTS to do it, and the rest of the time it’s not too comfortable.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  5. my nose is running like a faucet this week. mountain cedar pollen count is very high here..i think i need to move…and i would recommend the same for you…lol..yeah, right, i know! LOL….

    I used to keep hot towels on my face when i had bad sinus infections. they helped a little πŸ™‚

    • Aw, I know how bad allergies can be-I have those too! Aren’t I blessed? LOL Do you take anything for your allergies?

      I’ve thought about a hot towel but my ear is feeling better for now. Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

      • for my allergies i use a steroid spray and when it gets really bad I take singulair.

        Wishing you better health ahead πŸ™‚

      • Ah, okay. I haven’t head of the med you mentioned. I’ve only used the OTC meds from drugstores. They usually work but you can’t take them long term.

        Thanks for the wellness wishes πŸ™‚

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