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Just sharing my post from my other blog.

Finding Health After Illness

Okay, so if any of you have read this blog or my other one for any period of time you’ll know my mom and I didn’t get on

well together. She had mental illnesses left untreated and abused me in a variety of ways. So me drawing attention to our similarities is indeed a new approach from me. It’s my belief we often clash with the parent most like us and that would be true of my mom and I. Aside from the abuse, she and I had/have intuitive personalities and were/are highly sensitive. Mom was also a believer in karma and some of the spiritual beliefs I have now. She also had psychic abilities which I have inherited, although I don’t really want to claim I’m in anyway psychic because I can’t predict the future(usually) and can’t see dead people or anything paranormal like that (that I know of)…

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