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Groundhog Day Blues



Groundhog (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well our groundhog ,for my area, saw his shadow-six more weeks of winter! Anyone know if it’s 6 more weeks IN ADDITION TO the usual season? Or is it just 6 weeks from the date the groundhog sees his shadow? If it’s the former I’m p*ssed, if the latter I am okay because winter doesn’t end for that long anyhow. We’re supposed to have snow tomorrow after we just got rid of the beastly white stuff from a few mild days and rain. Now we have to have more dumped on us! Grrr

I’m always more annoyed when we get snow after we manage to get rid of it. Tomorrow we’re expected to get 10-15 cm and another few cm on Monday with ice pellets. For pity’s sake why does winter have to suck so much? In order to be warm I’ve got to wear layers if it’s below 0 Celsius. Consequently, I’m always walking about feeling 10 pounds heavier and sweating to death inside stores. Lately we’ve had deep freeze temps followed by a few days of above zero temps which melted the snow. Snow makes me grumpy because I have to shovel it and unless it’s powdery it gets heavy.

Today I took the day off from my housekeeping ‘duties’ and bought a few cleaning supplies instead! LOL Monday I am supposed to attend my portfolio development workshop for 9 am but if it is crappy weather it might get cancelled. We were told if the schools close our workshop is cancelled. Hopefully the weather will be alright so I can still make it to the workshop-it’s the first day (last one was an info session).

Well did the groundhog see his shadow or not in your area?

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Author: Natalya

Blogging my thoughts and feelings about mostly mental health, meditation and spirituality(non religious). Hoping to connect with other interesting people in the blogosphere. *The name is Russian and is my pseudonym.

12 thoughts on “Groundhog Day Blues

  1. i don’t think it matter where i live we will likely have winter right into mid march and we’ve had snow since beginning of Oct. 😦

  2. It means that it is six weeks until spring. Phil in Philadelphia this year predicts an early spring. He predicts an early spring less than 15% of the time. His accuracy is right 39% of the time. That can be a consolation no matter what he predicts. I am hoping for an early spring. 🙂


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