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Love Actually


Love Actually

Love Actually (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just finished watching Love Actually on DVD for the first time. The movie originally came out in 2002 or 03? but I just saw it today! A former therapist I had recommended it to me(in 2009) but I just never got around to watching it until now. It was a really cute romantic comedy with lots of laughs. I suspect my therapist suggested it because she figured as someone uninitiated to romantic relationships I was clueless about adult stuff. Yes, alright so I haven’t had any relationships because I’ve spent most of my life afraid of intimacy but I’m not a moron.  Geez, it’s sort of insulting to have my former psychologist think I needed exposure to seeing people do more than hold hands. But I don’t blame her either. Her intentions were good. The movie was humorous to be sure. However, I didn’t learn anything I didn’t already know about. Sheesh 😛

There’s a lot of other stuff I could discuss about this movie and what my former therapist was communicating to me but I’m not discussing it. Anyone else see the movie? I enjoyed it. It takes place around Christmas time not Valentine’s Day so it’s not a movie for Valentine’s but I think it’s still suitable. I don’t see a lot of movies so usually when I watch one it’s years after its initial release. In fact I can’t remember the last movie I saw in the cinema because it’s been likely a year or more. That and I can’t remember movie titles well either so that doesn’t help :/ From what I can recall it was also a romantic comedy though because I do enjoy that genre.


Author: Natalya

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19 thoughts on “Love Actually

  1. I haven’t seen it. Actually. Probably should, though. I did hear it was cute. 🙂

  2. Oh I love that film! without fail though the last scene makes me blubber with all those people in the airport. I love movies and if you like romantic stuff I hope you’ve seen ‘the notebook’ and ‘PS I love you’ oh and ’50 first dates’ and….well I could reel off a load of them lol.
    I’m a soppy bugger at heart 😛

    • LOL, I love The Notebook but haven’t seen PS I Love You even though I heard it was really good. I’ll have to check those two you mentioned that I’ve not seen yet 🙂

      We’re taking over! lol (we sappy types) 😉

      • Oh PS I Love You is a great film with a fabulous soundtrack definitely worth watching, Atonement is amazing too oh oh and Music and Lyrics! Hehe I’m very fussy about my soppy films they have to be good and not trigger me more than necessary 😉 I have way too many dvd’s lol. Mwahahahaha the soppy ones will rule the world!! xox

    • LOL, I saw bits (PS I love you) on You Tube and didn’t know if I could take the heartbreaking parts-does it end happily? I don’t like sad endings!

    • Oh good! I can’t take sad endings. There are enough of them in real life. Movies should be complete breaks from reality-pure escapism. Then I can pretend the world is actually not as s*itty as it seems! 😛 Maybe I should just watch Disney from now on, LOL 😉

  3. Hallo,

    This is for you, for being kind for others and me,

    Sweet greetings, Summer

  4. I haven’t seen this one. Happy Valentines Day!! Hugs Paula xxxxx

  5. I’ve seen it several times. I think my favorite “love” story in the movie is the one between the aged rocker and his “chubby” agent. I love that uncomfortable guy hug they give each other. That story seemed the truest one to me, mostly because it was a love story that had taken years and years of involvement to develop, I found that believable. I thought the other stories funny, just not really believable. I’ve dated some and yet didn’t really learn a lot from that. I’ve seen tons of movies and have learned a lot in the process, mostly about myself and areas of my life that I need to work on and some have helped me in taking a step or two in healing certain areas and resolving certain things. But I can’t think of a time when a romantic comedy taught me something true about men or women or dating or relationships, or vulnerability or abandonment, or sorrow or loss. Perhaps that just me. Perhaps I can’t take them seriously enough. I enjoy them and that is about how far it goes.

    That’s why I don’t take romantic comedies too seriously and have never learned something from one except not to pay attention to their advice, I got that word of advice from Sleepless in Seattle, lol, so I guess I do take advice from romantic comedies.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


    • Haha, the old rocker and his producer are very funny! I don’t think romantic comedies are for teaching anyone anything. They’re for entertainment mainly. My psychologist had intended me to learn about sex b/c I’ve never been in any relationships but I already know what people do for that! She didn’t mean the movie had any wisdom for me to learn. I’m slightly naive perhaps compared to some but not a total moron! LOL 😛

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  7. This is one of my favourite films! It’s really cheesy, but so happy! And I love the way the stories somehow all connect together! Xx

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