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Self-Love for Valentine’s Day


Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910

Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know I was just thinking the hardest thing we must do is learn how to love ourselves when we’ve never been given it as children. So on this Valentine’s Day I think it’s appropriate that I realize I’m my own Valentine this year! I finally love myself enough to want to be my own Valentine. Cheesy as it may sound. What better gift can we give to ourselves than the gift of self-love? Self-love allows us to face difficulties in life far better than when we are despising who we are. I think that we must all learn how to love who we are and not depend on others to fill our internal reservoir. For if we depend on others to give us the love we yearn for than the moment we think it’s not forthcoming we’re devastated. So I am glad I have thought of this because it makes me feel much better about having nobody to spend the holiday with. Actually, that is not true because I spent the day with myself. When I reflect on the day that was I can honestly say I felt no pity or sorrow for myself. It was not an exciting day by any means but I felt adequate in my own company. Perhaps it helps that I am a solitary person by nature. Even so, I think it’s important that I recognize the value of my presence and not feel sorry for myself because I’m not attached to anyone. I’m enough for me.

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Author: Natalya

Blogging my thoughts and feelings about mostly mental health, meditation and spirituality(non religious). Hoping to connect with other interesting people in the blogosphere. *The name is Russian and is my pseudonym.

7 thoughts on “Self-Love for Valentine’s Day

  1. What a beautiful post! I’m glad you’ve come to this realization. I think we all need to do this! Hugs Paula xxx

  2. This is so true, I used to do that when I was single. Appreciating the time you have with yourself is amazing. Thank you for this post! 🙂

  3. Heck yes, I totally agree! That’s pretty much exactly what I said in my blog post yesterday, in fact. If you don’t love yourself first, there’s not much chance of having a successful relationship with anyone.

    And as Scott Williams said in his post yesterday, you shouldn’t date anyone until you don’t need to. That’s pretty much been my philosophy for ages. But you know I love you, so you’re not alone anyway! XOXO

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