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Spring Cleaning Equals Improved Mood


Cleaning Supplies for Spring Cleaning

Cleaning Supplies for Spring Cleaning (Photo credit: Chiot’s Run)

Okay it isn’t Spring quite yet but it looks and feels like Spring where I am; thus, I decided to continue my clutter clearing efforts. My closet got a clutter clear out today which resulted in me needing two storage boxes instead of four for my stuff. Later I may figure out how to pare things down even more but for now it is sufficient. I feel quite good about my efforts. It’s great when I can clean and feel happier when finished. Less clutter in my environment means I end up feeling better. Dust, dirt and clutter are all things that contribute to me feeling miserable. Cleaning isn’t loads of fun for me but I appreciate the end results. I like how I can look around and see SPACE that used to be overtaken by either dust or clutter.

The only annoying thing is I am the only one who notices. My dad, whom I live with, never notices if I’ve dusted or not. His vision isn’t great so I guess that’s why. Still, I have to remind myself I clean for myself more than anyone because I notice the difference. My mood is a lot better when I keep up the housework even if I don’t enjoy it. There is a sense of satisfaction I get whilst I’m cleaning and clearing out clutter though. So I guess I enjoy it in a small way. Just don’t ask me to come clean your house!

Is Spring cleaning something you take part in every year? Or do you see it as just another day? My Spring cleaning has been stretched out a bit because there was lots to do. My yard has yet to be cleaned but I’ll save that for another day. I sort of cringe thinking about the yard because it’s a real mess. Lots of pruning to do too. Loads of fun! NOT πŸ˜›

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Author: Natalya

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28 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Equals Improved Mood

  1. I need to get cracking on spring cleaning, we keep having a false start to spring, it warms up lulled by a false sense of security we start moving around they it drops to 0 and snows again. Roll on spring!

  2. I’m dreading spring cleaning the house this year 😦

    • Really? Do you have a lot to clean? I would just do what you can. Nobody comes around to check on us thankfully! LOL Can you imagine, Spring cleaning inspectors? rofl

      • Ha, mostly it’s my garden as I can not tend to it anymore and there is nobody else who can, so I’ll be calling a Gardner this year for the first time.

    • Oh, okay. The garden is a challenge for sure. Do you grow flowers or fruits and vegetables?

    • That’s okay. At least you replied πŸ˜€ Do you have a green thumb? I am not much of a gardener. The garden was my mom’s but she let it go when she was sick and it got really overgrown. There’s not adequate space for fruits and veggies because it’s not good soil and the lawn is a mess. I’m thinking it will take awhile to get a handle on it 😦

    • Wow, I am envious! Maybe if I get the yard cleaned up I’ll be more inclined to try growing plants. For now it’s clean up time. Last year I persuaded my dad to get rid of most of the odd pieces of furniture my mom had put in the garden as her mind went (Alzheimer’s). It’s mainly just pruning and tending to the grass now at least.

      • That’s mine as well I have these giant pines out back that dump silly needles all year round no grass though only paths and benches arbors and such lots o plants. Flowers lol my climbing rose next to the upper deck is almost as tall as the house I’m a bit affair of it actually :-0

    • You make me very jealous! I would love to have a garden like you have πŸ˜€

      • It’s beautiful when it doesn’t look like it does now, but tomorrows Saturday I was going to call one of the neighborhood boys to come by and earn a buck mow the front at least.

    • That’s a good idea. Get someone to help out πŸ™‚

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  4. Paring down is definitely for yourself, and it’s definitely done in stages. Just go over the same stuff each year, and try to get rid of something when something new comes in. It will all get smaller as you go along, but it’s a process. Good for you, keep it up! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Jenny! I can’t wait until a new thing comes in though because there’s not enough space to do that. There’s still enough clutter around to make me cringe some days but it’s looking better.

  5. I feel better when clutter is removed. I’ve heard about it enough on tv when a woman is upset, she cleans. I didn’t realize that they really feel better from it, but it is true, I sure do.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


  6. Satisfaction after cleaning up. Not many thoughts, no inspiration either. Comes what wants to come.

    • LOL, does that mean you don’t enjoy cleaning? I don’t enjoy it much as I’m doing it but the end result makes me feel satisfaction.

    • 30 min. would not get me very far as I tend to have a habit of letting stuff get worse before I clean it. Lately I have tried to change this pattern so I don’t need 3 hours to clean. When I reach 30 min. I will throw a party! hahaha

      • Every day I clean at least 1 hour. 2 x half an hour in between mind-breaking tasks :-). The other breaks I take with more interesting activities like lunch, a morning and an evening walk, or mindless reading through bills from the mailman.

    • Now I am admiring your cleaning routine! Sounds good. I’m sort of unstructured so have been doing some cleaning and or tidying up on and off throughout my day. This seems to have worked well for me so far. Soon I’ll have to rename myself Martha Stewart! LOL πŸ˜‰

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  8. I always take it easy with spring cleaning, it may take me a week or more. Thank you for reminding me that I have lots of stuff to do, have a gorgeous day! πŸ™‚

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