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Cranky Pants


Between itchiness from seasonal allergies and irritability from PMS, I am not a happy camper! Earlier today I was outside raking the lawn after it had been cut (the grass) and pruning plants. The black flies were also out and annoying me too. My dad’s innate inability to pick up after himself and clean up have also been irritating me. These things usually annoy me but I handle it. Add in irritability from allergies and hormones though and my tolerance levels drop dramatically. Anyhow, I am trying to get out of my ego’s way so I can appreciate my perspective is not the only one available. Still, it would be nice to have a bit of help. Guess it’s partially my fault for having very little in the way of patience; thus, I get fed up waiting to see my dad do any sort of housework and just do it myself. My dad is slow doing everything so it tends to frustrate me as I am much quicker. He also has loads more patience than I have.

Compared to when I was a lot younger I have lots of patience but it’s still lacking when it comes to dealing with constant sloth and sluggishness from my dad. Yes, I know I should be more tolerant and appreciate the differences between us but it’s just not working out for me today! πŸ˜›

Forgive me for my disrespectful tone toward my poor dad. He’s a good person. Just a slow moving sort who can’t seem to clean up after himself. To be fair his eye sight is not the best so he can’t see everything I can and I’m pretty sure he has a learning disability too. Now I sound like a real ogre!

Did I mention I have a sun burn on my arms and a few bug bites? I took a shower so I am not feeling quite so itchy now. Guess I’m okay. Back to the status quo :/

Hope your weekend went well πŸ™‚

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Author: Natalya

Blogging my thoughts and feelings about mostly mental health, meditation and spirituality(non religious). Hoping to connect with other interesting people in the blogosphere. *The name is Russian and is my pseudonym.

15 thoughts on “Cranky Pants

  1. You have a right to a bitchy day! I’m sorry it’s been hard, here’s to a better day tomorrow!! xo

  2. It’s so kind of you to help like you do, your father is lucky to have you. Sorry for those darn bugs and sun. Glad the shower helped. Hope you have a lovely evening.

  3. Hahaha! It was just a bad day and your entitled to have one! Hugs Paula xxx

  4. Lol, I can sympathize with most of that, including the blackflies (to which I always react really badly when they bite me) and the father with a learning disability. Probably time to take an antihistamine and have a nice cup of tea. Feel better soon. πŸ™‚

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