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Day 5 of 30 Day Challenge


Question/Discuss: Your favourite comfort food(s) and why?

This is difficult as I don’t derive much comfort as such from eating. I guess fresh chocolate chip

Monday is the day the agency I work for makes ...

Monday is the day the agency I work for makes good chocolate chip cookies. The rest of the time it’s hit or miss on over cooking them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

cookies would be the one I eat if wishing to avoid feelings. No food actually brings comfort to me apart from satisfying my hunger or stuffing down emotions. When I eat to avoid feeling my emotions then I go for high carb sugary and fatty stuff. There’s macaroni and cheese that I sometimes crave but I can’t eat it anymore because of the cheese (dairy). Maybe if I find a suitable vegan cheese I’ll try making it myself. Brownies sometimes are a comfort food for me. Likely the chocolate is what I am deriving the comfort/pleasure from-along with the fat maybe!

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4 thoughts on “Day 5 of 30 Day Challenge

  1. Hi! Cookies 🙂 When I was writing my blog post today and thinking about comfort food I realized I don’t really find “comfort” from food either. What I was considering comfort is really just keeping myself numb and avoiding emotions. So, what is comfort, I wonder? ~rl

    • Hi, I am not sure but I think some people really feel soothed when they eat certain so called comfort foods. They remind the person of a loved one or a fond memory from the past so there’s a positive association with the food. If your grandma used to make something for you when you were little or someone who cared about you used to feed you something in particular then some people get comfort. Again, it’s a connection with the past or positive association. I don’t really have anything like that to mention. The cookies are comforting for the reason I used to eat loads of packaged Mr. Christie chocolate chip cookies when I was very young. My mother didn’t make them obviously but I felt good when I ate them because I’d been on jarred baby food and bottled milk for the first five years of my life (not joking! mom infantilized me big time).

  2. Mmm, now I’m hungry. Good thing boyfriend is making cake! 🙂

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