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Day 16 of 30 Day Challenge

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Question/discuss: Your views on mainstream music?

Mainstream music is okay. Nothing to usually get excited over or celebrate but there can be

English: MTV's Times Square studio

English: MTV’s Times Square studio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

some very good musicians in the mainstream. I am not really familiar with the ‘underground’ music scene or alternative/punk style music. But I am thinking of mainstream music as the stuff played on MTV and your radio. Some of it is alright and some of it isn’t that great in my opinion. It just depends on your taste. Mine is toward classical and opera along with sappy love ballads (which the mainstream does a lot of!). I also enjoy independent stuff.

The only thing I dislike a lot about mainstream music is its lack of artistic quality and originality. So much of it is mass produced for a wide audience with little attention paid to the finer aspects. I also strongly dislike the use of nearly naked women in music videos and the sexist dynamic played out in some of the hip hop lyrics/videos. There’s nothing wrong with sexy women and men in music videos; it’s the relational dynamic I detest between the males and females. A bit of respect and dignity would be nice for a change in some of the less ‘respectable’ songs/videos. I know that makes me sound like I must be 80 but I am not! I just want to see humans treating each other with respect.

If I could change one or two things about mainstream music it would be get rid of the singers relying on technology to make them sound half decent; along with that would be ditching the worst offenders of sexism in their songs and or videos. Those two things would help make mainstream music much better in my opinion.

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