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In Defense of Children

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Beating Trauma


We underestimate children.  I have been reminded of this fact lately with so many seeking to discredit Dylan Farrow.  I am particularly bothered by the notion that at 7 years old, Dylan only said what her mother told her to say.  I find this incredibly hard to believe.  While I find it painful to watch others label Mia a liar and manipulator, I am going to focus on the child.  Even if mothers would do something this horrible to their children, parental alienation doesn’t work because children don’t work that way.

I know this for two reasons:

         1)      I am the mother of two 7-year-olds.  I watch them try to figure out life every single day.

         2)      I remember my own experiences of child sex abuse at 7 years old.

Here are my observations about how children actually approach life:

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