Checking In (March)

It seems I am not doing this blogging thing very well considering the infrequency of my


posts but I just haven’t felt like writing. My creative juices get used up when I make new designs for my online shops then I don’t feel like writing. Besides that, I don’t want to write sometimes because it is hard to be positive all the time and the negative stuff is just easier to write about.

We’re supposed to get a lot of snow here tomorrow which I’m not too pleased about but it won’t last long because temperatures will be above freezing. All the same I had an appointment to see my counsellor on Thursday but decided I would be better off rescheduling for another day incase the snow made it too hard to travel. So I’ll see her next week which is fine and takes away my concerns about how I’d get to my appointment after 40 cm of snow falling Wednesday (predicted amounts are anywhere from 30-50 cm!). Cross your fingers for me that it’s less than the predicted amount! I have to shovel it and don’t want to think about how heavy it will be since we’re to get rain in between the snow. See! This is what I meant when I said it is so much easier to write about negative stuff.

At least it is Spring now so I know that the snow will not last and it will be warmer soon. We don’t have any snow right now so that is also a good thing since it would look worse with previous snowfalls adding to the accumulated amount. I am attempting to look for the silver linings and bright spots so as not to sound so negative! LOL

You may laugh at this but I am excited it’s Spring because I can do my Spring cleaning; well once the snow is gone anyway. I find it really difficult to motivate myself to clean if it’s still freezing cold and snow is around. Last Spring was much better so I could start the cleaning sooner. My hope is to declutter some more and clean stuff that hasn’t seen a duster or cleaning cloth in eons! The tiled floors also need mopping badly but I didn’t want to mop them during the winter because I had less energy and motivation. Shovelling snow on a regular basis pretty much made me not want to do too much actual cleaning.

Well that’s about all I have to say for now so I guess I won’t bore you with anything else. I hope everyone is well or at least finding something positive to focus on. Certainly, I am going to try to make my next post more positive even if it involves talking about shovelling snow! LOL

©Natalya, 2014 for Reflections On Life Thus Far.

4 thoughts on “Checking In (March)

  1. Winter can be a bit of a drainer so could be the reason for your negative mood. But at least you have winter. Here is very hot sunny everyday Durban South Africa we are going into Autum/Fall now. The only difference is that you don’t need an air conditioner, the heat is just more bearable. 19ºC is considered a lovely winter day here. You might think a cold winter is not good but I sometimes long for that seasonal change. There is something calming and restful about a cold winter day. Hot weather all year round can get to you as well. But spring cleaning is always welcomed. Time for change and time to lighten the load…enjoy it!

    • Thank you! You have a point. Seasons here can be long in winter and shorter for the rest. I wouldn’t want it to be hot year ’round though either but 19 Celsius is quite comfortable. That would be a cooler “summer” day here! LOL

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