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Technical Difficulties


robot-162087_640I decided to pretend I was smart and upgrade my Vista OS to Windows 7. Don’t worry, I bought a legitimate (legal) copy for instillation. Thinking I’d refurbish my own 2008 laptop I got the OEM version (usually made for manufacturers and the easiest to obtain these days) and did a custom install instead of being reasonable and doing the upgrade. This meant following a bunch of instructions that were simple enough but overwhelming to my computer novice brain. I managed to correctly download my Windows 7 OEM onto DVD and the tool for helping with it but it took me a couple attempts since I always manage to make things hard for myself like that.


Several hours later I had the new OS on my laptop and Vista was history. Too bad it wasn’t done there because I realised I’d deleted some things and had to go online to find them again so my laptop would function properly. As I am not in anyway an IT person it took me a lot of detective work to figure out how to find out what issues I had. Suddenly I found myself looking on my hard drives (I have 2) for clues and seeing just how confused I was.


Not me. But how I felt 😉

Let me suggest for anyone like myself (non IT person) you really do all your research BEFORE deciding to change your OS! I am not super impulsive but I can get it into my head that I will be spontaneous and figure out what I need to along the way; which is what I did and why I got myself into the mess I am not totally out of yet. My computer works just well enough to make me think I did alright (after downloading plenty of drivers from my laptop’s manufacturer website)-except it is taking forever to update (Windows Update) and I can’t even update other stuff like my browser so my web searches are sh*t and I can only read my e-mail in HTML instead of the usual rich text format I’m used to.

But I did manage to improve my computer’s performance to what it was BEFORE I installed Windows 7! Which is actually good because I initially had a LOWER rating but found the right stuff online to fix it and it’s as good as when I had Vista, LOL 😛  Ironically, I bought Windows 7 for better performance and to continue getting security updates from Microsoft and browser updates for Chrome. Chrome was going to quit updates for Vista in April ’16 and MS is quitting security fixes for Vista by 2017.



Expensive paperweight. My old computer! LOL, just kidding 🙂

In case you’re wondering I have another computer that works just fine and I am using that right now but I didn’t want my old one to end up as an expensive paperweight if I could help it. So I bought the downloadable Windows 7 OEM from Software King (they’re BBB reputable with an A+) and got my necessary stuff. The product key was good and I DO recommend them if you want a good deal on software. Software Empire is cheaper but they have an F with the BBB. So don’t buy from them.

I am really grateful I have another computer because my old one is slower than a snail! That is AFTER I improved its performance enough to be able to have the transparent window and not have it use all my laptop’s processor resources. Prior to that I had to use the old window to preserve resources (I’m referring to the personalisation features in Windows 7 where you select a ‘look’/theme for your desktop, task bar, and startup menu, etc.). There is an old style theme that uses much less of your computer’s resources if you’re struggling with a sluggish computer.



Anyway, I hope to figure out the Windows Update issue. So far I have done everything I can think of including help from online so I will just wait and hope my laptop updates itself if I wait long enough (I have the updater running now but it isn’t telling me anything yet).

Yes, I know this is not my usual post style but I needed to get my frustration out about my laptop.

©Natalya for Reflections On Life Thus Far, 2016.



Author: Natalya

Blogging my thoughts and feelings about mostly mental health, meditation and spirituality(non religious). Hoping to connect with other interesting people in the blogosphere. *The name is Russian and is my pseudonym.

2 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Oh dear, I’m sorry. The Mac makes it a lot easier than that. Probably next time the upgrade route is in order, huh? Hang in there! 🙂

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