Reflections on Life Thus Far

My life. My story: Exploring mental health, spirituality, meditation & random thoughts I have


This blog will never address anyone specifically in its posts. I will write to a general audience and seek to ‘speak’ to as many people as possible. If anyone is specifically mentioned it will be family members of mine without their names being included. Certain posts may be related to topics other bloggers have written about but I will never passive-aggressively(indirectly) address any other blogger through my posts. If a topic in a post I write seems directed at you it is unintentional.

I created this disclaimer because I inadvertently caused someone some undue distress following a post I recently wrote. I apologized for the misunderstanding but decided if it happened once I might have it occur again with someone else. So I decided I’d make this disclaimer to try and prevent future pain to readers.

Thanks for understanding and reading this.



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