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Book Recommendation: Life after near Death

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I don’t know much German so Google translated the phrase out of curiosity. It translates literally as “Quick flees the time was ready” which I think may be better stated as “our time goes too quickly” or perhaps “Times flies before we are ready”. Sorry for the poor translation.

As a NDE (near death experiencer) this book is invaluable. I finally feel like there are answers to the questions I have had ever since my NDE in late 2000. The author has had her own NDE and interviews others including their experiences in her book. She comes from a research background so it’s not a book filled with ‘New Age’ concepts as much as personal stories and evidence based research (but don’t worry it is far from dry or tedious).

The book came out earlier this year and I just found it at my local library. It has given me a sense of peace knowing I am not alone in what I experienced and the after effects of the NDE. I even found myself thinking “aha! so that’s WHY I do/feel like that” and just generally feeling less crazy. Best of all is finding out about how all people who’ve had a NDE have muddy brown/black and white in their aura representing the trauma and shift in consciousness following the NDE. A friend able to see/read auras told me (before I found this book) I had a the black and white colours in my aura as described in the book. It really helped me feel better knowing everyone has that aura if they’ve had a NDE.

If you have had a Near Death Experience or know someone who has you should read this book! I’m not getting paid to promote or endorse or anything-I just want people to have something they can go to and find comfort/answers to some of their questions about the near death experience. You might find it in your local library or book store or you can order it on Amazon.

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My New Obsession/Confusion

A selection of ereaders.

Amazon and Chapters (Kindle & Kobo) both have lots of free ebooks so I’ve been adding them to my digital library with glee. The only thing is I don’t have an ereader so have to read them on my laptop which is not ideal for lengthy periods of time. Essentially, I want a tablet or ereader but am reluctant because I don’t have wireless internet (just the standard cable type). So I would have to go out to a wireless hotspot as they’re called here (public locations with free wireless internet connections) for an update/book purchase. Actually I am not sure if I can even read from the device without wireless internet so would be forced to read only at spots offering free connections (i.e. public library and some cafes). All of this makes me think I’m better off reading my ebooks on my laptop and shouldn’t waste my time or money on a device I might only be able to use in certain places. To make matters more confusing I contemplated going wireless at home but am concerned with security risks as it’s easier to access a wireless connection than one using wires/cables. So it’s true what they say about a little knowledge being a bad thing! If I were more knowledgeable about how wireless stuff works perhaps I’d not be so confused right now.

Recently I posted about clearing out some books from my bookshelves and now I am going crazy “buying” FREE ebooks because they’re great for space saving. You would not know I have lots of ebooks because they aren’t the physical clutter a “real book” (paper book) is. I’m really enjoying finding free ebooks to add to my collection. It never occurred to me you could get free books unless at the library. I’m just so pleased! If you are a bibliophile (book lover) like me then you have to check out Amazon’s ebooks because there are lots offered for free or at $1.00 or under. Haven’t checked out any other sites yet like Barnes and Noble so I can’t say if they have free ebooks or not but now I must go look!!

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