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Happy Holidays!



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My New Obsession/Confusion

A selection of ereaders.

Amazon and Chapters (Kindle & Kobo) both have lots of free ebooks so I’ve been adding them to my digital library with glee. The only thing is I don’t have an ereader so have to read them on my laptop which is not ideal for lengthy periods of time. Essentially, I want a tablet or ereader but am reluctant because I don’t have wireless internet (just the standard cable type). So I would have to go out to a wireless hotspot as they’re called here (public locations with free wireless internet connections) for an update/book purchase. Actually I am not sure if I can even read from the device without wireless internet so would be forced to read only at spots offering free connections (i.e. public library and some cafes). All of this makes me think I’m better off reading my ebooks on my laptop and shouldn’t waste my time or money on a device I might only be able to use in certain places. To make matters more confusing I contemplated going wireless at home but am concerned with security risks as it’s easier to access a wireless connection than one using wires/cables. So it’s true what they say about a little knowledge being a bad thing! If I were more knowledgeable about how wireless stuff works perhaps I’d not be so confused right now.

Recently I posted about clearing out some books from my bookshelves and now I am going crazy “buying” FREE ebooks because they’re great for space saving. You would not know I have lots of ebooks because they aren’t the physical clutter a “real book” (paper book) is. I’m really enjoying finding free ebooks to add to my collection. It never occurred to me you could get free books unless at the library. I’m just so pleased! If you are a bibliophile (book lover) like me then you have to check out Amazon’s ebooks because there are lots offered for free or at $1.00 or under. Haven’t checked out any other sites yet like Barnes and Noble so I can’t say if they have free ebooks or not but now I must go look!!

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Zazzle Fun

Alright, I have a confession to make, I’m addicted to designing my own products on Zazzle. It’s super fun and very easy to do. I have made a handful of products so far but they take about 24 hrs to show up after being made so aren’t up yet.  You can design any product you like from t-shirts to notepads and everything in between. All of the products are made only when an order is placed, until that point the item is purely virtual. The earning potential is relatively small for the average user on Zazzle because the royalty you get is 10% or higher-but if you take a higher royalty the product price goes up and can get quite expensive. Thus, it’s better to go with a lower royalty since it will likely sell better than something seriously overpriced.

So far I haven’t sold anything but I have only been on the site for two days and the first products never appeared until a day later. So I don’t feel too disappointed at this time. It is mostly for fun, I seriously doubt I’ll make any ‘real money’ from my designs. To give you an idea of how much I make once a product is sold I’ll give an example of a mug. Say the mug costs $18.00, well I’d get 10% of that or $1.80. At that kind of rate you’d have to sell an awful lot of mugs to see any sort of benefit. Many of the items cost more than what they would in your average department store but the possibilities for customization are endless. If you want to let your creativity loose Zazzle offers a fair amount of products you can make ‘your own’ by designing it how you wish.

Now that I’ve told you about the site how about going to my shop on there? LOL If you want to indulge me you’ll find I only have two products up at the moment and one has been ‘fixed’ but the ‘fixed’ version hasn’t shown up yet. So maybe just go to the Zazzle site and have some fun for your own sake. I’ll post my link later. It’s on my blog’s sidebar(Blogroll) though so if you’re burning with curiosity check it out!

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