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Happy Holidays!



Holiday Mini Schnauzer Chef đŸ™‚ Pic from Pinterest 






More De-Cluttering(is that a word? lol)

For economical reasons I live with my dad and often bemoan the fact he hangs onto a lot of clutter. Well, today was my lucky day as he decided to donate a load of blankets, towels and sheets to the Salvation Army. Finally our linen cupboards look half decent! I think he’s making progress. He’s actually deciding to get rid of things he had trouble parting with just a year ago. It’s all stuff he wasn’t using and hadn’t been used in a very long time but he just wasn’t able to part with it until now. So I feel proud of him and hope he keeps it up, as we have more things to purge yet!

Next on the clutter purging agenda: two old bikes, a headboard and bed frame. He says he’ll get rid of these too and I’m making sure he doesn’t put it off for ages like in the past. Fingers crossed.

My Zazzle designs are coming along nicely. I’ve added more products and now have close to 40 items in my ‘shop’. If you haven’t visited the site yet and like being creative using the computer, this is the site to go to. Everything is free to create and you just design it how you like then sell the item for a royalty. It’s not a ‘get rich quick’ sort of thing by any means, unless of course you consider $50 rich! LOL, that’s the amount you need to make in order to ‘cash out’. If you’re selling stickers, buttons and paper it could be quite awhile before you cash out! So I do the moderate range stuff like t-shirts, mugs and electronics cases, etc. Definitely something you want to do because you like it, not for the profit…as there’s hardly any.

Anybody else enjoy making things and selling them? Arts and crafts are not really ‘my thing’ but I enjoy the Zazzle stuff since I just do everything on the computer. Has anyone tried etsy? I am enjoying getting my creativity exercised so think I’ll explore other sites too offering similar opportunities.

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