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Epigenetics and family trauma A link to a short but interesting piece on epigenetics and healing trauma.




The Art of Decluttering (MindBodyGreen)


Office Decluttering: Before

Office Decluttering: Before (Photo credit: Sarah Braun)



10 Signs You’re Gluten Intolerant(MindBodyGreen)

10 Signs You’re Gluten Intolerant(MindBodyGreen)

Gluten Sensitivity. Finally figured out what the skin condition is I have on my upper arms sometimes too 😛


7 Natural Ways To Cure Adrenal Fatigue (MindBodyGreen)

A few weeks ago I posted on this topic but today I found another interesting bit of info I’d like to share with you. It’s a link to the site MindBodyGreen with a post on 7 different things you can do to help your adrenal fatigue. The author says ‘cure’ but I think it may be overly optimistic unless one adds the length of time involved. Still, it’s a good list and there’s bound to be something there you may find interesting or of use to you.

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Are Your Excuses Holding You Back? (MindBodyGreen)

This piece jumped out at me as I came across it on their site. It got me thinking about my own habit of making excuses to avoid dealing with discomfort and messiness in my life. But you know it also holds me back. Why do I make excuses though? The best explanation I have is ‘rejection’. I fear being rejected because I’ve somehow come to equate my self-worth with how others accept me or not. Thus, I avoid trying new things if there’s an element of possible rejection involved. You can see why I’ve not had much luck with getting out and accomplishing things now, right? It’s sad and I feel ashamed but it isn’t irreversible, I just need to ask my self why I started thinking about rejection as such a large barrier. What made me think getting rejected meant I wasn’t valuable as a person? People get rejected all the time! I’ve never thought of anyone getting rejected/turned down for something as being an indication they were somehow not worthy; yet that’s what I’ve been telling myself (unconsciously). Now that it’s out in the open I suppose I have to do something about it! Help!!!

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Use Mantras to Focus Your Mind and Change Your Life(MindBodyGreen)

So here’s a link to a great piece on how you can use mantras to improve your life from one of my favourite sites, MindBodyGreen. It’s not very long.

Use Mantras to Focus Your Mind and Change Your Life

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Instead of Thinking Outside the Box, Get Rid of the Box! (MindBodyGreen)

This is an awesome piece on following your bliss basically. Get rid of the box you’ve allowed others to put you in and break free to be the REAL you! Try it, you’ll be glad you did 😀


6 Ways To Balance Your Sacral Chakra

This is another good piece from MindBodyGreen (I really like their site), on balancing your sacral chakra(the second chakra associated with the colour orange).


Surefire Ways To Develop Your Intuition

I’m sharing a link here to an article that made me feel like I’m not the only ‘weirdo’ who hears voices and isn’t schizophrenic! Okay, not voices like auditory hallucinations-more internal voices guiding you. Alright I’m sure I’m not helping myself out much here but trust me on this you should read the article via the link. The woman who wrote it could have been me but I didn’t write it. Someone else did. Enough rambling, here:

Jewel - Intuition UK EU AUS

Jewel – Intuition UK EU AUS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Nothing to do with my link apart from the Intuition title.


Why You Should Wash Your Face With Oil (MindBodyGreen)

To lighten up a bit I thought I’d share this information I found on using oil to wash your face from the site MindBodyGreen. I haven’t tried it yet but plan to. Anyone else use oil to clean their face?